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As the blessed days of Zulhijjah unfold, our hearts are filled with anticipation for the sacred occasion of Arafa. This year, amidst the sanctity of these ten blessed days, we are honored to mark the significance of Arafa with the inaugural Jumaa Prayer.

The Day of Arafa holds profound significance in Islam, as pilgrims gather on the plains of Arafat to seek forgiveness, mercy, and blessings from the Almighty. It is a day of repentance, reflection, and spiritual rejuvenation, where the supplications of the believers ascend to the heavens.

In observance of this sacred day, our community will come together for the first Jumaa Prayer, uniting in worship and devotion. It is a momentous occasion, as we collectively beseech Allah’s mercy and favor, seeking guidance and blessings for ourselves and all of humanity.

As the sun rises on the Day of Arafa, let us join hands in prayer and reflection, recognizing the significance of this blessed day in the Islamic calendar. May our hearts be filled with gratitude, humility, and hope as we embark on this spiritual journey together.

We extend our warmest wishes to all believers, near and far, as we commemorate the first Jumaa Prayer on the Day of Arafa. May our prayers be accepted, our sins are forgiven, and our souls uplifted on this auspicious day. Ameen.