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It gives us pleasure to report the Rabita Centre Australia opening celebration held on Saturday 16 July 2022 corresponding to the 17th Hajj of the year 1443. This official opening celebration coincided with Eid al-Adha for this year. The celebration constitutes a milestone of Rabita Centre Australia which was witnessed by more than 300 people and in the presence of official figures.

The ceremony was honoured by Sheikh Issa Mussa Abdu the chairperson of the board of Imams, Sheikh Omar Al-Houli, Sheikh Rabih Baytie, representatives of Preston Mosque, and Sheikh Abdul Rashid from AMSA Mosque.
The celebration was also attended by MP Hon. Kaushalya Vaghela, Melton City Council Mayor Mr Goran Kesiv Councilor Steve Aboshi and a representative of the local police.
Several prominent Muslim Community Leaders, and MCCA representatives. Not to mention the great audience of active members of the Eritrean Muslim community, the number of seniors and a large group of youth and families with their children.

The ceremony witnessed heartfelt and warm words, which began with verses from the Holy Quran. A welcoming speech was delivered by Mr. Munir Abdulhai explaining the history of ERIS and Rabita Centre Australia and acknowledging the effort of the Eritrean Muslim community for their determination to support the Rabita Centre project and thanked the guests who attended the celebration.

Mr. Ahmed Shareef delivered a poem that provided a souvenir of the Rabita establishment and interacted with the audience. A short speech by Colin Robertson representing Minister OConnor’s Office in which he thanked the Rabita Centre Australia for providing the opportunity for the Eritrean Muslim community to share this moment and wished success for the project.

The Rabita Architect Mr. Issam Nabulsi, presented the project’s master plan and its various stages. He presented an overview of the various facilities of the centre and concluded his speech with promising comments about the project’s future. Then he presented a three-dimensional video reviewing the proposed design of the project.

Mr. Goran Kavis, Mayor of Melton City gave a speech that was the closing statement of the ceremony. Mr Kavis commended the Rabita Centre’s position and its expected role in the region. Finally, the audience witnessed the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

The beautiful children who attended with their families enjoyed various games, and everyone had their lunch in a beautiful, cheerful and memorable family gathering.