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In the spirit of joy and unity, we gather at our Centre to celebrate the fulfillment of our shared wishes. Happiness, for us, is witnessing our heartfelt desires manifesting here on earth. As we embark on the journey towards the future, we do so with clear visions, knowing that unity and cooperation pave the path to success. Success, to us, is not an individual achievement but rather the collective effort of all, joining forces in love and harmony.

Our wishes find unity and fulfillment in the sacred moments of prayer, particularly in the blessed Friday gatherings at our Centre. Here, you, me, and everyone come together, our hearts aligned in devotion and gratitude. And as Eid al-Adha approaches, we anticipate the culmination of our happiness with the blessed prayer held within our Centre. It is a moment of rejoicing, a testament to the blessings bestowed upon our community by the grace of Allah.

As we look ahead, we pray for Allah’s continuous blessings to grace our days with happiness, goodness, and delight. May our Centre remain a beacon of unity, where love and cooperation flourish, and where the collective spirit of our community shines brightly. Ameen.