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About Rabita Centre

Rabita Centre Australia is a non-profit organization located in Melbourne, Australia, dedicated to serving the local Muslim community. Founded with a mission to provide educational, social, and spiritual services to the community, Rabita Centre Australia is committed to promoting unity, diversity, and inclusivity among Muslims and non-Muslims alike. With a wide range of services and programs, the organization plays an important role in supporting and empowering the Muslim community in Melbourne.

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Our Vision

To be a leading community center that fosters unity, education, and spiritual growth among Muslim communities in Melbourne, Australia.

Our Mission

We provide a diverse range of educational, and spiritual, to enrich the lives of our community members and promote positive integration into Australian society.

Our Value

Our community prioritizes inclusivity, education, spirituality, and fostering a strong sense of belonging and cooperation among its members.

Rabita Centre

Our Milestone

We have purchased the land and have renovated the building. We are currently in the process of obtaining the permit which is required for most of our future activities

Once the permit is obtained, we can run the required renovations such as setting up prayer rooms for men and women, arranging classrooms for weekend school and after school tutoring. We can then also welcome active community members to run events, classes and community activities at the center.

Once the center is up and running with regular support from the community, we are hoping to use the land and expand it to better serve the needs of our members. Among current suggestions from our members is setting up gym and sporting activities for the youth, including indoor swimming pools for both brothers and sisters, guest rooms for running events including overnight events, as well as an Islamic burial washroom.

We aim to eventually develop the center as a self-sustainable entity that does not need to constantly rely on donations and membership fees. With support from our active members and Allah’s will, we are hoping to develop waqf investment projects and business projects that would help sustain the center.