Qurban Donation 2024

Give your Qurban (Sacrifice) to those who need it most in the Refugee camps.

Rabita Centre Australia is excited to announce the launch of our Qurban Donation 2024 campaign. This year, we are dedicated to supporting refugee families in Sudan camps who are enduring extremely challenging conditions.

Inspiration from the Quran Alkarem:

Neither their meat nor blood reaches Allah. Rather, it is your piety that reaches Him. This is how He has subjected them to you so that you may proclaim the greatness of Allah for what He has guided you to, and give good news to the good-doers. {Al-Hajj: 37}

How You Can Help:

In these challenging times, our collective efforts can bring joy and hope to the hearts of those who need it most. By joining our Qurban Donation 2024 campaign, you can be the reason behind the smiles and hope in the lives of Sudanese refugees. Together, we can provide essential nourishment and comfort to families who have lost so much.

Why Your Contribution Matters:

Qurban, sacrificing and distributing its meat to those in need, is a powerful tradition of giving and compassion. Your Qurban donations can make a profound difference by:

  • Providing Nutritious Meat: Refugee families will receive fresh meat, which is often a rare and valuable source of nutrition.
  • Upholding Tradition: Participate in this important religious tradition while making a tangible impact on the lives of those less fortunate.

Be a Beacon of Hope:

Your generosity during this Qurban season can transform lives. Join Rabita Centre Australia in this noble cause and make a lasting impact. Let’s work together to bring light and hope to our refugee brothers and sisters in Sudan.


Together, we can make a difference. Thank you for your support!

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